For those of you that do not know me, I am working at Stageline’s Shinjuku Branch. I am interested in various activities but recently I have been focused on learning Yoga and also building a Yoga community in Tokyo. When I’m not teaching English, I’m usually teaching yoga or going to yoga classes! I’m really looking forward to this weekend so I thought that I would make a post about it. On Saturday there is a Yoga Community Party being held in Omotesando! I recently learned about an interesting Online Yoga Community called HelloYoga. It is a great website to learn about Tokyo’s Yoga events and also about some good yoga schools and teachers in the area. I was so happy when I found this website, so now I am going to do my best to participate in some of the activities and hopefully make some new friends. If you are interested in hearing more about my hobbies and interests, please ask me in person. You can also find me on Stage Line Shinjuku’s Facebook page! 新宿インストラクター Jamie