I know everyone will be writting about their own Golden week adventours or time durring the holiday, and I guess I will be too. Let me first say… I had no relaxing time, it was go go go, start to finish but I loved it and to put the cherry on top, I took a trip to Hirosaki Castle to take in the amazing Cherry Blossoms. They were so beautiful. Im envious of the people of Hirosaki. But.. this envy has made me think… Sendai or Miyagi really needs to make something for the future generations to enjoy The Cherry Blossoms… I just think TsuTsujigaoka Park is too small for a big city like Sendai. I want a bigger park, more trees and more beauty. As I saw in Aomori. Hanami isnt just drinking under trees, it so much more… for me it also equals very very sore feet. 仙台インストラクター CRSTN