I hate to admit it, but I really feel old. Every time I take a step, my leg hurts. I can’t lift my right arm. My back is tight. I hate this!!! If you are asking, why I feel so bad, well I had my first baseball game of the year on Sunday. I was so excited to play, but now I regret it. Our two regular catchers couldn’t come, so that meant that I had to do the catching. If you have never played the position, imagine doing 200 squats. As for the game, we lost 3-0. Both teams had great pitching. Our team could only get one hit. I struck out twice and grounded out twice. I haven’t had a chance to practise, yet. I want to welcome Tomo (Stage Line student) to the team. Last year he helped out and this year he is part of the team. If anybody likes playing baseball, let me know. If we need an extra player, I might ask you to play. /仙台インストラクター J