Hi everyone! What’s up?! I had a good night last night. I went to my friend’s bar near Hirose station last night. However, it wasn’t for drinking (although I did have a few beers…). A friend and I went to teach the owner and his staff how to cook some famous "American" foods. I’m not really good at cooking, but together with the staff, we made some great dishes. Pierogies, a Philly cheesesteak, quesadillas, the classic grilled cheese sandwhich, and some other foods too. They were all great and reminded me of my life back in America. Also, all of the foods will be on their menu starting next month. Next time I see you, I’ll let you know where the bar is and you can come try some REAL "American" foods (not only hamburgers and hotdogs!). See you soon! Peace. /仙台インストラクター Stephen M