Hi guys♪ Thanks for the feedback about my Curry Pan Man! He was very happy to know that he is so popular. Today (Friday) I ate Curry again! Yummy Yummy!! Well, last week I bought my ticket for the Alice in Wonderland movie. Since I was a child, I have loved this story. I own about a dozen copies of the same book!!! I also love Tim Burtons movies, so I’m very excited to see Alice in Wonderland! When I bought my ticket, I was given a free strap. Of course I wanted to get the White Queen (Anne Hathaway), but her strap was a bit strange. So I chose Alice. 楽しみだよ~~~~~!!((O(>w<)O)) Do you like my strap? Isn’t the the White Queen cute?!! /銀座&新宿インストラクター Claudia