How was your new year? Having a lot of nice food and alcohol, my belly has begun to exceed the limit of my trousers. I hope this applies to some of you too!For me, it has been six years since I last spent new year in Japan. Although I was apprehensive about how I should prepare for the new year’s eve and new year, I had a precious experience overall.One favorite part was food. Eating the traditional Japanese dish, Osechi, was one of the luxurious moments. In addition, I really liked the rice cake with soup (*Zouni) which I have not had for a long time. The second part was to visit shrines and temples. It is common and traditional for Japanese people to visit shrines and temples to pray for a good health or luck and so on. At the shrine I bought a fortunetelling paper and I got the biggest luck. Something good will happen this year!!Finally, I went to see Mt Fuji at the beach. The weather was lovely so we could see beautiful Mt Fuji. Soon after that, I decided that my new year’s resolution was to climb Mt Fuji. What’s yours?/銀座インストラクター Nori