I had quite an eventful New Year’s holiday. The first few days I vegged out in my apartment and played Nintendo Wii. I passed many levels in my new game. I also went to Toushougu Jinga. I saw many people lined up to ring the bell in order to wish for good luck in the coming year.The next few days were full of travel. I went to つなぎ温泉 with my girlfriend. It was very relaxing to soak in the water. I also really love the food that is served. We had a lot of sashimi and fish. My girlfriend and I also went to Koiwai dairy farm. It was really a fantastic place. There were even sheep. We bought cheese cake, butter and pudding; all made at their processing facility. After that I went to Fukushima with Jason Chaplin.We wanted to go to a dinosuar museum in ゆもと、just south of いわき but it was closed. So we took a train through Koriyama to にほんまつ。There is a great caslte there with stunning views of the surrounding landscape./仙台インストラクター Rich