It’s quite obvious that I’m a Christmas ‘orphan’ this holiday season. However, I have not truly been ‘orphaned’ – considering that I am now a part of my wife’s generous clan. Though I have created some new Christmas memories, they will never be able to replace the great ones I have from the many holidays I spent back in Canada with my dysfunctional family. This year I will strive to make some new memories, or at least remember the old ones with a deep fondness while watching movies on a 42 inch flat screen TV with 5.1 digital surround sound.For those who wish to join me, I advise you to visit Tsutaya and rent films such as How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Santa Clause, Home Alone, Jingle All The Way and Diehard. Being a film buff, there are more titles that I could list. However, this entry would go on forever!Merry X-mas/仙台インストラクター Christian