Recently I have been watching the Goodies which I used to watch when I was at school. I hadn’t seen the Goodies for a long time, but now it is enjoyable reliving old humor. The Goodies was a surreal British comedy show which was shown in Australia and epitomized the strong cultural links that Britain and Australia shared – their continued parody attempts of Rolf Harris is proof. Though it is ironic as I am using American spelling to write this. With the benefit of wisdom and hindsight, I now understand more what the humor was and the messages that came from the show. As a schoolboy those messages went over my head and just the thrill of the show was enough to wet my appetite. I believe I am a Goodies fan and Graeme Garden is the man I hold in high esteem. His character was the do anything because he could scientist, and his wit and sarcasm was like icing on a cup cake. I hope I can meet him some day. I shall continue catching up on old episodes of the Goodies. Have fun and let’s chat again soon. /仙台インストラクター Jason