Spring has sprung! One of the things that I like about Japan is the emergence of plant life in the spring and summer. At this time of year I marvel at the plants shooting up from seemingly impossilble places! Big, meaty tropical plants with leaves the size of dinner plates shooting up from the edge of a parking lot! Or tall, delicate, long-stemmed purple-petaled flowers rising up elegantly from the middle of a patch of thick black asphalt! After the rainy season there are huge reservoirs of water sitting under the surface of the land and the heat of summer comes and there is an explosion of humidity and plant life sprouts up everywhere! Amazing. And of course, there is not just just plant life waiting to emerge. Let`s not forget the cicadas. They wait underground for seven years for their time to come, then buzz like crazy for just a few weeks or only days and then die… So, as you can see, I like the spring and summer of Japan very much, I hope you enjoy it too! /Sendai Study Advisor Stephen