Another game, another win for the BJs. This time we played one of our better games. Good pitching for the first 7 innings (more on that later). Some timely hitting and pretty good defense.Offensively, I played pretty well. I started the game with a single to centre, stole second and scored. The next time, I got a walk and stole a base. Then I got hit by a pitch. Right in the middle of my right thigh. OUCH!!! I have a huge bruise now. So, to get my revenge, I stole second and third on the next two pitches. HA! After that I grounded out and popped out.Defensively, I was the starting pitcher again. I pitched the first three innings. I gave up one run (unearned), 0 hits, one walk and two dead balls (same guy…Sorry). Then in the fifth inning, when they were losing, they asked if we could play nine innings instead of the usual seven. So that meant that my team had to change our plan on how to use our pitchers. I had to pitch again in the 8th and 9th innings because the other pitchers have injuries and can’t pitch that much.So I come back and pitch terribly in the 9th inning, mostly because the umpire (the other team’s coach) shrank the strike zone to the size of a grapefruit. There must’ve been at least five pitches that were strikes that he called balls. He also made a few bad calls against our team. I was so angry, I wanted to tell my catcher to miss a ball on purpose. Grrrrrrrrrr! Anyways, we won the game in the end. I hope we don’t play them again. Until next game (May 17th)./Sendai Study Advisor J