Cherry Blossom Season, is a natural past time celebrated all over Japan by everyone, both young and old with an abundance of food, Sake, Beer and laughter. This year I actually got my first opportunity to take part in a Hanami party with many friends, experiencing first hand what all the commotion is about, because in Vancouver we have many Cherry Blossoms too, but we can`t and don`t picnic and drink under them. So I guess they are only for the eye to behold. It was a good time, all around me people are drinking and singing, and very welcoming, to all the other people partying around them. Of course I do have to make an observation of all the Salary Men drinking, maybe a little to much, but I know its excepted in Japan. In Canada if you drink to much with co-workers, you will be subject to ridicule. The next day at work, so we are a little more reserved, usually. In all, I had a good time, it was beautiful, and I would recommend everyone take some time to enjoy the Cherry Blossoms, its worth it. /Sendai Study Advisor Christian