I have worked in many different occupations, different companies, and with many kinds of people but that does not mean starting a new job is easy. I come to Stageline luckily having met many of the teachers before, but again, this too does not make it easy, because your students are different, the workplace has different procedures and your new scary employer, you really know nothing about. The only thing you know is that he could fire you at any time. Now in Japan, Life employment is becoming less popular, and in North America, it’s an illusion ( a dream that does not happen ). Therefore I switched occupations many times, when I was younger. Always having to learn in a new place how they did things in that Company. It was not easy, but not really hard, because I`m a really out going person. So far it has been really good, and the staff and students have been so nice, it makes me want to stay here forever and ever. We`ll have to wait and see. /Sendai Study Advisor Christian