So we had our second game of the year. Because I didn’t warm-up enough last week and I had to pitch three innings, this week my shoulder was extremely sore. Again, I was the starting pitcher, but this time I couldn’t get loose. My fastball was really slow and I had no control. In the first inning, I walked 4 batters and let in two runs. I started warming up for the second inning, but I only threw one warm-up pitch and I knew I couldn’t go any longer. I asked my team captain to switch my position right away. I played the rest of the game at third. I only had 2 balls hit to me and I made both plays.This week, my batting was much better! I walked in the first inning, stole two bases and scored. My second time up, I got a single on a grounder between short and third. My third time up, I got a triple to centre and scored. Then I grounded out to third my last two times up.All in all, it was a good game as we won 12-4. Our record now is 1-1. The best part is that I’m not sore today!!! The next game is on the 19th. I think they’ll be a tough team. I hope my arm gets better so I can pitch. Check in with you again,/Sendai Study Advisor Jay