I had my first baseball game of the year on Sunday. We were supposed to have a practice last Sunday, but it was cancelled because of rain. So, that means Sunday was the first time for me to throw a ball since November.Unfortunately, it meant my teammates hadn’t practised yet. We were also short 5 regular players. We had to get some helpers to play for us. Let’s just say my defense wasn’t so good. I was the starting pitcher. Surprisingly, I could throw strikes and my fastball wasn’t too bad. My curveball was awful. I think I threw 4 of them. I bounced 2, threw one behind a guy and got a ground out with the only good curve I threw. All in all, I pitched three innings, gave up one hit and walked one batter, gave up eight runs (all unearned).As for my batting, I think I should’ve gone to the batting cage to practise a little. I went 0 for 3 ? one groundout, reached on an error, a caught stealing and a pop out.Needless to say, we lost 8-0. I hope next week’s game is better. I’ll let you know how it goes./Sendai study advisor Jay