In the last two weeks I have read three and a half books. I have spent my days off sitting on my couch, reading and reading and reading. So far I can finish a book in one day. It takes me all day but by the time I go to sleep, I have finished the book. Here are the titles I have read: LA Requiem. It is a murder/mystery. It is based in Los Angeles. It is a complicated plot with many twists and turns along the way. Abe 先生 recommended this book to me. I borrowed it from him. I have to return it to him soon. Banker To The Poor: Microlending And The Battle Against World Poverty. I had wanted to read this book for a long time. I finally purchased it and read it last week. It is about lending small amounts of money to very poor people in India. The borrowers buy something that they can use for work such as a cow to make milk or textiles to make clothes. The borrowers control their labor and resourses to complete their product. They had been shut out of this kind of empowerment due to usurious lending practices that are rife in that part of the world. I really recommend this book if you are interested in a different way of solving the problem of poverty and if you are interested in a different way to bank. The White Tiger. This is a fictional account of the underclass in India. It is also a commentary on capitalism and self empowerment against all odds. It is also a murder story but not a mystery. I recommend this book because it gives insight into the plight of poor people in India. I am currently reading a book called Gang Leader For A Day. It is about a University of Chicago graduate student who wanted to research poverty and gangs. Instead of going to the library or leading focus groups he integrated himself into a real gang. He hungout with them for ten years; learning everything about gang structure, finances, and community. I hope to finish this book soon/Sendai Study Advisor Richard