I finally got my internet service up and running after two months. I needed to upgrade my computer and my internet connection in order to access itunes.com Now I can download music and listen to some of my favorite pod casts. Recently I have been listening to The Common Wealth Club`s Climate One pod cast. It is a club based in San Francisco, California and the topic is the environment. I am really interested in the environment. I want many things to change such as less oil and coal usage and more sustainable, environmentally friendly energy source. But I rarely use energy outside of electricity and kerosene. I do not drive and rarely travel by train, bus, airplane or any other mode of transportation. So what I have been doing religiously is saying 袋が要らない when I buy food and snacks at super markets and convenient stores. I recommend you to buy an eco-bag to accommodate your carrying needs. If you have any other ways that I can help to protect this beautiful planet, please let me know./Sendai Study Advisor Richard