What’s that you say? Wow! Thanks for asking! My weekend was great! I went to Miyagi Zao for the first time to check out the snow covered trees (樹氷). It was be-u-ti-ful! Our tour started from the bottom (as starting from the top would require a helicopter…which is out of my budget). We took a bus from the hustle and bustle of downtown Zao to a ski slope on the mountain. From there, we took three chair lifts to the top of the ski slope. Once we got to the top, we met our guide and our group and took a big snow truck to the peak. We were packed in the truck like sardines as the truck winded around the snowy, mountain paths for 40 minutes. After reaching the top, we all got out and took some time to snap some photos. After that, our guide directed us as we snowboarded down the whole mountain. The way he explained our route, it sounded like half of us might not make it alive. Not exactly a good feeling for my first snowboarding trip of the year. Ether way, it turned out to be pretty easy…and only one person died. Only kidding… After that, my girlfriend and I celebrated our triumphant run with some gourmet 肉まん and some champagne-like drink called "match" and both signed autographs for our adoring fans. It was truly magical! But really, if you haven’t been there…I recommend it! Peace. /Sendai Study Advisor Stephen.M