Wake up to Christmastide.Dear and trusted reader, tis the season to be jolly. The clocks have ticked and tocked their way forward, the moon, the tides, the seasons, they have all continued their steady progress forward. We find ourselves once more in December… The last month of yet another year… Do you know why December is an important time in many parts of the God fearing world?That’s right! Tis the beginning of advent… That most sacred and sincere time of the Christians, a time when they await the coming of their Messiah. Advent celebrates our excitement and expectant yearning for Jesus’ Nativity… Christmas… This reflects mankind’s first excitement and waiting for the actual birth of His Lord Jesus Christ more than two thousand years ago… Can you imagine their excited beating hearts, in anticipation of eternal salvation?Twenty-four days we await his arrival, four Sundays we wait… Tis a time of learning and of reading, a time of building, a time of preparation… Are you prepared and ready for Christmas?/Sendai Study Advisor Ali