I had an eventful summer this year. It was pretty busy but really fantastic, becuase it was my first time to Europe and I made it twice in 2 months! Many of you might know I am a grad student in Tohoku University majoring in Pharmacy, that means, I am actually a PHARMACIST when not teaching in Stage Line! It’s pretty weird, isn’t it? In August and early October I had two conferences, one in Germany and the other in England and in between, I had to visit some laboratories. You know, "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" 😉 So, in my free time, I did backpacking! Got a Euro rail pass and jumped on trains…..The whole trip is kind of Sendai-Narita-Frankfurt-Dresden-Berlin-Leipzig-Rathen-Prague-Vienna-Narita-London-Peterborough-Birmingham-London-Narita-Sendai!! Berlin, Prague, Vienna, London are well known tourist spots, so, I better not mention much. Have you heard of Rathen? It’s comparatively a minor spot among Japanese people, but I strongly recommend Rathen valley if you love nature. It’s in east part of Germany and was simply beautiful! Later, I found it’s a world natural heritage! I really enjoyed the architecture of buildings in Dresden, Vienna and Berlin. I felt I was in south Asia when I went to Birmingham. Ali told me it’s one of the biggest immigrant population in England. And I could truly hear numerous languages flying around me on the street. London had a different beauty, cool and gorgeous. Yeah…it was completely a new experience seeing different places with various looks, different cultures with various tastes. It was a colorful trip!/Sendai Study Advisor Lena