It’s been a good summer for me. I had gotten a bicycle for my b-day and I have been riding to work in the week. It takes me about 45 minutes from Kami-Meguro to Ginza and although it seems far I find the ride to be relaxing. Teaching English is not a stressful job but it’s nice to ride after work and unwind, listening to a podcast and just stretching my legs after sitting all day. I have also tried to get into a routine now that I am riding. I wake up, exercise, have some coffee and ride to work. When I’m finished work I ride home, have a drink and relax, then have 2 cups of herbal tea and then a night cap to help me to sleep. As I get older I understand that routines are a good thing for me. When I was younger I didn’t like routines as I thought they were repetitive and not truly living life fully. Now I appreciate how routines give me a sense of constancy and control of my life and that is a good thing.Now that summer is almost gone I can look forward to cooler nights and fresher air because I can finally turn off the aircon. I’m looking forward now to Christmas when I will finally take a trip and take the time to explore China and maybe do something that could change my life. Here’s to hoping this year continues to fill all my expectations and dreams./Ginza Study Advisor Mike