Hi folks, I’m from England as you know and, as you probably also know,football (known as ‘soccer’ in other parts of the world) is very popular there, definitely its number one sport. Well, interesting things are happening in the world of English football clubs. First, millionaires owned them, then multi-millionaires, then richer and richer until now, yesterday actually, TRILLIONAIRES !! A trillion is 1000 billion, or 1,000,000,000,000 !! A financial group acting for ABU DHABI’S ROYAL FAMILY bought Manchester City and the new owners are planning to make the club the biggest and best in the world ! The new owners are willing to spend HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF POUNDS to buy the best players from around the world to make a SUPERCLUB!!! To the fans of Manchester City it is a dream come true!! Imagine if Vegalta Sendai or Tokyo Verdy were bought by TRILLIONAIRES, good, huh ?! I wish I were a trillionaire…or just a billionaire…or even a lowly millionaire would be OK… more news soon! /Sendai Study Advisor Stephen H