Most you who have met me in recent weeks you already know what my latest obsession is. For the rest of you, … it’s a Touch, iPod Touch.There are several reasons for my obvious excitement but what influenced me the most to buy one, apart from the ability to listen to music, watch films, browse the Internet …etc, is a dictionary. Yes, a dictionary. Since I’ve always wanted to get one but wasn’t wiling to pay over 20,000 now I have no excuse for not studying Japanese, or at least trying to remember a few new words.So, what have a learnt? だるい-feel heavy; ひやけ-sunburn; つうろがわ-an isle (useful when going to Sendai) … and much, much more.I am still over the moon about the iPod Touch that I could go on and on but this is enough.Have a great Summer and おぼん/Ginza Study Advisor Tomas