Spring is in the air and the air I full of rain! I really like this time of year because rain makes me feel like staying home and enjoying things like reading and curling up with a blanket and coffee. Some people don’t like rain but I feel the air is fresh and the temperature is cool at night so sleep is long and I feel invigorated. Recently the staff at Stageline went for a delicious sushi dinner in Ginza. I was surprised at how fresh the pieces were and I learned that the menu at the restaurant is in English so I will be back. The dinner was to congratulate the office on a good year and we all had some drinks, had good food and had great conversation. I feel lucky to have found this job way back in January and I am happy that the staff and the atmosphere in Stageline is what it is. I look forward to working here through the summer and having more good food, drinks, and talks with the staff and the students building friendships and memories. /Ginza Study Advisor M