This is Steve again. Hello. How are you, diary? I’’m fine. How is diary life? What’s new? Oh, today is new, I see…. Just kidding! I’m not really having a conversation with my diary…Today is February 27th 2008 and I heard that down there in Stage-Line at Hirose-dori and Ekimae the weather is very COLD and it is SNOWING! Is that true?…Wow, I can’t believe it! Up here in Izumi it is very HOT! We are all wearing Aloha shirts and shorts and sandals; that white stuff I can see blowing in the air outside is not snow it is white sand from the beautiful white sandy beach that is VERY close to the school! We are all going SURFING later! We’re going to drive to the beach in an open-top pink Chevrolet with the warm wind blowing in our hair and the sound of cicadas chirping outside and the Beach Boys playing on the radio !!! Yaaaaay !! Hope to see you here up in Izumi! Bring beach towels and a Frisbee and snorkeling mask and flippers etc and don’t forget the sunscreen! See you here soon!! Up in sunny Izuuuumi! Yaaaaay! /Sendai Study Advisor Stephen