I went to the Oga peninsula about a year and a half ago and saw some Namahage. Shortly after that, I learned of a restaurant in Sendai called Akita dinning and at this restaurant there is a Namahage show. I have been wanting to go there since. Finally, last night I went to that restaurant. It was the most fun I have had in a long time. Not only did I see a Namahage show but I also ate some interesting food. It was Shirako. At first I was scared of the Shirako. It is fish intestines. Usually I throw that in the garbage…definitely I do not eat it. But there is was on the table ready to be eaten. So I grabbed my chopsticks, picked the squirmy morsel up, dipped it in the sauce and reluctantly plopped it into my mouth…Serendipity!!!!! It was delicious. Not so scary. But the Namahage, that is a different matter. /Sendai Study Advisor Richard