"Well, the new year has arrived and although I just started working at Stage-line on Jan 9th I feel like now that the holidays are over I can relax a little bit and get comfortable with my new life. I went home for Christmas and it was the best trip back that I have had since coming to Japan. I ate all the food I have been craving (turkey, slurpees, ribs, my mom’s lasagna) and I visited with almost all the friends I had when I went to University so long ago. With the New Year comes change as I start a new job with Stage-line and I look forward to working with the cool staff and also meeting the new students. I don’t usually make new years resolutions but I think for this year I will. I want to try and start my dream of writing and starting a book. I have written stories in the past and do write now sometimes so this is the year to get the motivation to do what I think is important for me. I am a creative person and often draw and play with images on the computer using photo editing software but now I want to try to write as its something I think I can build and hopefully find a career doing it in the future. But first things first. for now though I will focus on my new job, drink my coffee, relax a little and will see what the new year brings. " /GINZA Study Advisor Mike