During the winter horiday I was lucky enough to go to England and Austria. After a long and tiring flight back I did the sensible thing and went straight to the pub to drink Belgian beer with transferred to another Pub to meet my other good friend Paul. In trditional British style it was closing. We then went to a very bad party . We heard you could get in if you wore fake beards.So we did. Mine was a rather fetching curly black pirate-like number Nice! We were the only people in fake beards. My first day back in London is always rubbish. We also got kicked out of another pub/club for having a conversation in the wrong place. The following day I met some other old friends and saw the best piece of theatre ever. I fell back in love with London again. Then I had to leave ,christmas passed pleasantly in drunkenness and snoozing. Austria was great! Fresh air ,mountains,skiing, lot of beer,sausages and chips! Now,after a week back in Japan my jet lag is finally coming to an end. /GINZA Study Advisor Kevin