Hi everyone, this is Steve writing to you from up in the NICE NEW Izumi school ! We`ve got a nice view here and right now I`m looking at the winter sun shining off a giant Buddha statue highup on a mountain, above the statue are big grey clouds and they look dark and cold so maybe there is snow coming. so don`t forget to wrap up warm…HEY !!!! I just saw Santa and Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer flying through the clouds ! He`s coming this way !!! Santa looks busy ! Rudolph looks tired ! There is a a big bag of presents on the sled ! I wonder if he is bringing me a present from the North Pole ! I`m sure he is…! SANTA ! OVER HERE ! SANTA ! RUDOLPH ! IT`S ME STEVE !! OVER HERE !!!! I`M HERE!!!! I gotta go, students , I`m going up on the roof !!! more later from Izumi, see ya ! SANTA !!!! RUDOLPH!!! I`M OVER HERE!!!!!!/SENDAI Study Advisor Stephen