Hi, it’s Vicky from Ginza school. I’d like to talk about the vending machines in Japan.My very first visit to Japan was about 23 years ago when I was still in Junior High School. (gee, that reveals my age, doesn’t it? ) I remembered seeing a lot of vending machines selling different kinds of stuff, such as drinks, newspapers, books, T-shirts etc. Strangely, I don’t see them anymorenow except for vending machines of cigarettes and drinks.However, with my school outing about three months ago, we went to an aquarium in Chiba and in there, I found this ramen vending machine at one corner and got very excited about it!! Although I didn’t buy the food from it at the end, still, it reminded me of some 20 years ago when a little girl stood in the streets of Tokyo looking at those machines and found them very amusing./GINZA Study Advisor Vicky