I have had many new experiences recently. About a week ago I went to a sukiyaki party. It was the first time I ate it. It is really delicious. At first I was a little scared to eat a raw egg. But it was very delicious. Then last monday I went hiking. I took a train to Omoshiroi Yama. Usually I ski there but this time I went there to start a hiking adventure. I went with two Hirose students and Yamasaki-san. The two students made us a delicious lunch. We ate it next to a small river. After about four hours we ended our hiking adventure in Yamadera. At Yamadera we climbed all of the many stairs. There are about 1000 stairs. It took about 15 minutes to reach the top. I really liked the view of the fall foliage. Last night I made gyoza. I have never made gyoza before. It is really fun to fold the meat into the little piece of dough. I started making the gyoza into a ball shape. It made me laugh. Of course it is delicious. I can not wait for Stagelines next gyoza party. /SENDAI Study Advisor Richard