ABOUT DREAMSOestre’s new painkiller passes her blood brain barrier… She collapses; she starts her unconscious dreaming… We are the images of those dreams, her magi nations… Dr.Tanard stands watch over her, he is again playing Morpheus.ABOUT CHANGEOestre’s time of year is coming to an end, summer of the modern world is handing over to autumn and her silent n. The heavy drinking Anglo Saxons called it haleg-monath, in the Old World, the seventh month.September…. How speedily our dreamworld turns… How soon the Vedic’s Sapt-Ambar rises, the seventh sky… The sage and the magus have been watching this change for millennia… One day into the next, one love into the next, one month into the next,one job into the next, one lie into the next and so on…So the new morning of this new day was the start of a new month and season… Louis the King was born two Sapt-Ambars past… How fast the wheel turns.To be continued/SENDAI Study Advisor Ali